Find Savings in the Grocery Store

Written by , February 8, 2011

Find Savings in the Grocery StoreThere are many directions that you can take when it comes to cutting the budget. Most people agree that there has to be a roof over the head, clothes on the back and food in the belly. Finding a few savings in the grocery story can help you balance even the tightest budget.

Prepare for the shopping trip and limit the funds you take into the store. The right plan and preparations can help you save big at the grocery store. Cutting coupons, working with friends, and watching the sales papers are all great ways to reduce the amount you pay at the register.

Here is some advice on how to find hidden savings in the grocery store.

  • Start before you get to the store. Create a list with all of the items you need. Write it out in order of how it will be found in the store. Make notes about specific brands, amounts needed, and spending limits for each item on the list. Sort through paper and online coupons to use with the list that you have made. Be sure to indicate if store brands can be purchased if the price is right.
  • Make time to shop. A rushed shopper will not have the patience to compare prices, utilize discounts or sort through coupons to discover the best deals.
  • Start at the top and avoid getting stuck at the end. Stores often put the higher priced items at eye height for most shoppers to make it easier just to grab the first thing you see. Store brands and discounts may be found on the top or bottom shelves. Watch the end of the aisle specials. Sometimes these are just featured items and are not the ones that will save any money.
  • Come to the store armed. Carry a calculator so you can easily determine which product offers the best price.
  • Know the store policy. Many stores have started running “buy one get one free” or “buy 10” specials (or other similar specials). Some stores require that you purchase the full amount to get the discount. Others discount each individual item so the amount does not matter. Stores also handle coupons differently as well. Some will accept all manufacturer coupons. Others will not accept those printed off the computer. Some offer double and even triple amounts for coupons. Knowing the policy and any discount days can go a long ways to saving big money in the grocery store.
  • Find out the mark down times. Not all stores will discount older items or ones that are reaching the sale now date, but some do. Knowing when the mark-downs occur can help you find great deals on those must-have items.
  • Think outside of the box. Many grocery stores have started carrying seasonal items. At the end of the season, these items may be able to be purchased at great discounts. Ask to speak to a manager and make an offer on all the seasonal items leftover. Most of the time they have already made their money back on these items and are just happy to get them off their hands. Look for great deals on lawn furniture, gift items, and even home decorations.
  • The best way to find savings in the grocery store is to have a plan. Know what you need and then take tools with you to get a great deal on those items. Also look for seasonal items that you can offer to purchase at a lower rate once the season has passed.

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