Cutting Extras Can Add Up Your Savings

November 26, 2008

Today’s society is all about the latest gadget, gizmo or service. We have to have it, and it has to be the biggest or most that is offered. In reality there are so many modern conveniences that you can live without if you choose to live that way. Releasing the services or gadgets that you donít really need could save you thousands of dollars each year. Here are some ways to do it.

Get rid of the phone. If you are currently paying for a cell phone and a land line, then you need to decide which one you really have to have. Compare the costs of long distance, local calling, and features (such as call waiting). Choose whichever one is the best deal and fits your overall needs. If you cut the land line you could save around $50 each month. Getting rid of cell phones could easily double that amount (and it would mean that you couldn’t be found all the time in all places).

High-speed internet service or dedicated internet service is not usually necessary for ordinary use of the computer. If all you are doing is playing games, then why not buy a CD instead. If you are only logging on to check your emails, then you can save the $50 a month by downgrading to a lower service. If you need only occasional access (once a month or once a year) to high-speed service then check with the local library and see they provide public use of the internet.

Cut the cable. If you can turn it off completely, then do. It is only stealing your time, your intelligence, and your family life. If you need some channels to keep the peace, then be sure to choose the smallest plan that can fit your needs. There are rumors that companies will eventually let you pick your channels individually which will be perfect for those who only watch a couple of channels exclusively.

Stop the presses. You will save money by not subscribing to any more magazines and canceling all the subscription you currently have. If you must have reading material in the bathroom, then why not check out a book from the local library. You will save yourself a fortune in subscription fees and you will help reduce the clutter in your house at the same time.

By cutting some of the extravagancies out of your daily life, you can save plenty of money. The more you save, the more you will want to cut – and the more you cut, the more you will find you want to cut and the more you will save. It is a wonderful cycle that eventually ends with plenty of money in your bank account.

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