Beginning the Frugal Life

November 26, 2008

Most people think of being frugal as living without enjoyment. Frugal people are seen as the scrooges of life are the ones who count every penny and refuse to part with one even for some heat in winter. The truth is that frugal people live some of the most joyous lives of anyone. They have money, little or no debt, and lots of freedom to enjoy it all.

The truth is that frugal people are not stingy, they are wise. They have learned to spend their money in the best way possible. The years have taught them to be thrifty and to look for the best deal or bargain. Experience has shown them to be patient and wait for the sale or to purchase when the time is right. Most importantly, frugal people have learned to save as many pennies as they spend.

There are many wonderful benefits to living a frugal lifestyle. The first is security. By choosing to hold off on purchases, trips, or other spending and putting that money into savings, you know that you have money if something should come up in the future.

Frugal people often have more time to enjoy life than others. Because they spend less, they need less to spend. This monetary need translates into easier working hours or even working from home. Itís a lot like retiring well before your time.

When it comes to making purchases, cash is still king and it gives you a great deal of power in negotiations. Living a frugal lifestyle will help you accumulate the cash you need to buy the things that are important to you. It will teach you to make calculated decisions with your money, not emotional ones. And it will help you be in a position to almost name your own price.

It is not extremely difficult to become a frugal person. It probably is a good idea to talk with your family (or anyone who lives with you) before you begin your quest. It is easier to accomplish it together. Start small by paying for what you need with cash and getting rid of your credit cards. Cut your spending and begin to institute a 24 hour waiting period for purchases. The more you wait and think, the less likely you are to purchase something you donít need.

A frugal life can be a wonderful life. You have security, freedom, and an appreciation for all that you have.

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